Does The Income Level Influence Consumer Complaining Behaviour?

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Nursalihah Ahmad Raston, Zainol Mustafa and Nur Riza Mohd Suradi


Complaining is one way for consumers to communicate their unhappiness. Understanding the behaviour of consumer complaints is important thing to an organization, however it is not easy. This paper aims to investigate the differences in income level influence complaint behaviour among consumer in public services at Klang Valley. The questionnaire is based on a review of the current data, a survey of 273 respondents is conducted and responses from 215 respondents are collected. Most of the respondent (39.1%) have monthly income from RM2000 to RM4000, followed by those with monthly income less than RM2000 (28.8%). A one way ANOVA was conducted to determine whether a significant difference exists between complaining behaviour and income level among public service consumer’s. However, the findings clearly indicate that complaint behaviour does not differ by income level. Therefore, there is no significant difference in consumer complaining behaviour in terms of monthly income level of the respondent.


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