Polarized English: Known Knowledge Is Better Than Unknown Excellence

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Dr. Vivek Mehrotra


Communication & Soft skills are the best practices followed at present in the institutions, both for career and self development. It’s a communicative approach to the learning of English as a second language, which is contrary to traditional approaches (i.e. chalk and talk). The sessions are targeted and segregated into four parts to meet the requirement of campus recruitment – listening, speaking, reading and writing; based on the Functional – Notional approach to teaching second language. English has two separate systems – Spelling and Pronunciation (26 letters and 44 phonemes) to help students understand both American as well as British accent. Students from rural background are gaining more from social media and internet apart from academics for molding them. Reading books not only facilitates the students to get to write summary, but also their point of view, on characterization and their learning which helps them in achieving good vocabulary and language. Apart from these four (LSRW), rules of grammar or grammatical structures should be given importance to target a specific purpose in communication which leads to a successful employment.

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