Validating The Siddha Text Balavagadam On The Symptomatology Of Suzhi Kanam With That Of Childhood Asthma

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G.Sivapalan , Rajantheran Muniyandy , S.Manimaran, Silllalee S. Kandasamy , Jeeva Gladys


Siddha system of Medicine is unique and is perpetuating for centuries because of its merits. According to Siddha concept, disease is caused when the normal equilibrium of three humours (Vatham, pitham and kabam) is derranged. The factors which affect this equilibrium are environment, climatic conditions, diet and physical activities. “Kuzhanthai Maruthuvam” is one among the branches of Siddha system which deals with Paediatric health issues and lays the basement for a healthy society. This review of literature focuses on validating the Siddha text Balavagadam which is an exclusive text compiling paediatric diseases in terms of its management and prevention. A spotlight has been shed on Suzhi kanam one among the 24 types of kanam (Paediatric respiratory disorders).The signs and symptoms have been analysed and compared scientifically with contemperory paediatric literature. Upon keen understanding of its symptomatology and the various etiology it has been found to be well correlated with childhood asthma. This article also interestingly reveals the scientific exploration of Siddha literature on the progression of Mantham (gastrointestinal disorders) to Kanam (respiratory disorders) and Karapaan (Skin disorders) akin to allergic and atopic diseases.

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