Improvement Of Technical And Tactical Movements Of Wrestlers On The Basis Of Differential Approach, Taking Into Account The Morphological Characteristics

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Tajibayev Soyib Samijonovich, Raximov Vladimir Shavkatovich, Abdusattarova Sagdiana Sobitjanovna, Bobomurodov Feruz Ismoiljonovich, Sobirov Sardor Sabitjanovich


Today, Uzbek wrestling is gaining popularity in all countries, and the use of such terms as "chala", "yonbosh", "halol", "tanbeh", "dakki", "girrom" in international sports arenas serves to introduce the Uzbek nation to the world. Our national wrestling differs from other international types of wrestling by its attractiveness and methods of honest wrestling. A number of measures are being taken to include the national sport of wrestling in the program of the Olympic Games. In this regard, it is important to optimize the training system of highly qualified wrestlers, to develop science-based methods to increase the effectiveness of their technical and tactical actions, taking into account the morphofunctional performance of athletes.

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