Drafting a Professional Character Map (PCM) of the Millennial Human Capital in a Multinational Automobile Manufacturing Company

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Kiruba Nagini R, Dr. S. Riasudeen, Dr. B. Rajeswari


Manufacturing companies have an assorted pool of talents being acquired for its multifarious activities. The talent pool will comprise of technicians, technical experts, engineering graduates, administrative personnel, legal advisors, design engineers, etc. who exhibit a variety of characteristics. Since the study was conducted in a multinational company of a different geographical origin, with most of its employees from India, the study of the employee characteristics of that company becomes important since it may have accounted to a changed and adapted culture instead of an inherent culture. Specifically, the millennials exhibit a different set of characteristics that the earlier generations have not exhibited. This study tries to trace the most exhibited characters of the millennials, and develop a prototype of the Professional Character Map(PCM) of them. The results of the study are equated with the Big 5 Factor Theory of Psychology and so may extend a helping hand to the industries, in redesigning the practices concerned with recruitment policies, training and development activities, and employee retention strategies of the employees. This study gains importance because the millennial workforce is the largest workforce available as of now to any industry. And it is high time to all the industries to redesign their HR practices to suit the available workforce.

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