Social Security Status and Retirement Planning of Salaried Class Investors: A Study of Haryana State

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Anita Taneja, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Sarva


Social security becomes the emergent issue of the world. For developing countries, it is very difficult to provide the social security to whole population but it is very important for the welfare for entire society. In all phases of life, social and economic security is necessary but need of security is increased in the old age because human not remains so efficient to do the work and they have no regular source of income in this phase of life. Main aim of this paper is to find the relationship between the demographic variables and social security conditions and retirement planning of salaried class investors of Haryana state. Total 150 is the sample size. The data is collected through a well structured questionnaire for salaried class investors of Haryana state. Main finding of this paper is salaried class investors have same level of social security conditions on the basis of different demographical variables such as gender, age, marital status, nature of employment, job experience, annual income and number of dependent family members.

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