Evaluating The Quality Of The Academic Program Outcomes At Najran University From The Labor Market Point Of View

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Mohamed Mahmoud abouzid, Hesham Mostafa Kamaleldin


The study aimed to identify the evaluation of the quality of academic program outcomes at the University of Najran from the point of view of the labor market, as the two researchers used a questionnaire consisting of (59) items, distributed into (4) fields, and the sample of the study consisted of (380) of directors and heads of departments and departments in community institutions The results of the study showed that the degree of evaluating the quality of the outcomes of academic programs at the University of Najran from the point of view of the labor market was moderate, and the results also showed statistically significant differences between the education sector and the general civil services sectors (housing, electricity, water, environment) and the banking and financial services sector And accounting and the sector of the trade and industry sector in favor of the education sector, and the results showed that there are statistically significant differences in the quality of the outputs of Najran University programs for the benefit of graduates working in the telecommunications sectors, the education sector, the health sector and medical care.

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