Stress and Achievement Motivation among Students during Covid-19 Pandemic

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Lata Bajaj, Ambrien Ahmed


Amidst the corona virus pandemic, this study is being undertaken to examine the prevalence of depression, stress, and anxiety levels and their relation with achievement motivation among the intermediate students. Random sampling was used to collect the data. A total of 170 students of senior secondary classes from different DAV schools of Delhi participated in the study.  The age group of selected students was between 17 to 18 years. DASS Inventory for evaluating the stress, anxiety and depression and Achievement Motivation Scale were used to study the levels of achievement motivation. The results of the study revealed that due to COVID-19 there were mild to extreme severe levels of stress, depression and anxiety among the students but no significant correlation was found between achievement motivation and stress, depression and anxiety. Majority of the students displayed high achievement motivation in spite of various hurdles in between their goals.

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