Lingvocultural Analysis Of Human Values In English Mediatext

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Yakhyayeva Navruza Kholbutayevna, Saidova Zilola Urakovna, Abdujabborova Kamola Khusniddin kizi, Tursunbayeva Surayyo Abdumajitovna


The failure of the last century is not to teach language skills, but to spread human values that are important for people to live in peace in the world. Language acts as the main carrier of cultural values and the regulator of social relations. Mastering a non-native language implies knowledge of the culture and the value bases on which the speech behavior of its speakers is based. The article discusses the interdisciplinary and intercultural aspect of the study of the category of universal values from the point of view of their introduction into the lingvocultural sphere of man and language representation.

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