Validity And Reliability Of Modul Islah In Managing Students At Risk

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Mohd Azhar Ab. Rahman, 2Faizah Abdul Ghani, Ramlan Mustapha, Saiful Lizan Hasnul Hisyam Suparman, Nofazilah Mohd Sajat, Normila Mohd Bohari


The increase in criminal cases or disciplinary problems among students is at an alarming rate. Thus, Modul Islah was built to address the problem. Modul Islah was built based on the Tazkiyatun Nafs (self-purification) approach by Imam Al-Ghazali that contains four elements or sub-modules namely Al-Aqal, Al-Qalb, Al-Ibadah and Al-Akhlak. This study is a quantitative study to evaluate the validity and reliability of Modul Islah. The validity of Modul Islah involves the validity of two experts in the field of counselling and one expert in Islamic Studies (Dakwah and Module). Meanwhile, 50 students took the Modul Islah pilot test and answered the module reliability questionnaire. The findings show that the validity of the content of Modul Islah is at a coefficient of 0.87. While the reliability of Modul Islah is high. The scores for each sub-module are as follows: Sub-module Al-Aqal (0.764), sub-module Al-Qalb (0.817), sub-module Al-Akhlak (0.849) and sub-module Al-Ibadah (0.835) and the overall reliability of  Modul Islah is Alpha Cronbach 0.907. This module will help counsellors or related parties use Islamic-based modules to address students at risk of disciplinary misconducts.

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