Collaboration Of Online Learning And High Order Thinking To Develop Writing And Speaking Skill

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Nurhaedah Gailea, Syafrizal Syafrizal, Edo Prabowo


The objectives of this research is to find out the effect of using online learning and student’s higher order thinking skills (HOTS) toward student’s speaking and writing skills. This research used true experimental in which the design. The subjects of the research were ninth grade of students of Al Amanah Tangerang-Banten. The data were elicited through the pre and the post test taking by the students in narrative text writing. Their writing result scores were compared between the pre and the post tests with the significant level 0.05. The recalling every meeting were also analyzed to know the effect of this higher order thinking skill method in speaking skill. The result showed that there was a statistically significant effectiveness of the student’s writing and speaking skills after they were taught through online and HOTS learning. The improved of writing pre to post test was 20.23 point (59.92 to 80.15). It also can be seen from the Anova test result where all of the significant values are lower than α (0.05) and independent t-test result where tcount are higher that ttable (0.273 > 2.063). From these results and supported by the questionnaire form provided it can be concluded that online learning and using the HOTS method can be continued and developed in an effort to improve the ability to write and speak English.

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