European - American Policy Towards the Syrian Refugee Issue 2014-2017

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Asst. Prof. Dr. Lubna Riyadh Abdulmajeed, Asst. Prof. Dr. Manhal Ilham Abdal, Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hamzah Hussein


Within the EU, European countries pursue multiple policies on the issue of Syrian refugees without a coherent framework that brings together different political paths and makes them effectively support each other. The Syrian issue is a common factor in the foreign policy of the EU countries on one hand, and with the USA on the other, it turns out that it is complex to find solutions approved by all EU member states. Moreover, following the Lisbon Treaty providing the European Union with a new foreign policy structure, the result was that foreign policy issues fell under the control of the European superpowers, who in turn did not agree with each other on the same political approach. Given Germany's categorical rejection of the prospect of expanded military intervention to resolve this issue, and the British Parliament's vote against any military action in Syria, only France has the military potential. But France has found a pretext afther the failure of the US in providing an appropriate solution to the on going situation in Syria, as the US has not provided any military action possibility. The result shows that European countries within the EU find themselves unable to make a decisive decision away from the US administration.

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