Renewable Energy and Energy Crises in Pakistan

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Rizwan Ahmed Usmani, Dr. Muhamamd Asim, Mr. Salman Manzoor


The research was carried out to highlight the long-lasting issue of the energy crisis in Pakistan.  The study was conducted to determine whether renewable energy is the solution to the increasing issue of the crisis in the country. Initially, the energy crisis within Pakistan has been identified, which illustrates that developing countries such as Pakistan require a steady supply of cheap and clean energy. The renewable sources of energy and technological advancements can deliver the solutions to the long-standing energy issues faced by developing countries. Secondly, Pakistan's renewable energy potential has been discussed along with the primary sources of renewable energy available: solar, thermal, biomass, and wind energy. Lastly, the strategies that could be adopted to deal with the energy crisis issue have also been discussed in this study. The statistics of the demand and supply have also been identified in the carried out research. It has been concluded that through applying the recommended strategies, the issue of the energy crisis could be resolved quickly in Pakistan.

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