Internal and External Causes of Delay in Project Management & Construction Industry of Pakistan

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Muhammad Umair Qazi, Dr. Muhamamd Asim, Mr. Salman Manzoor


Infrastructure plays a key role & governs the economic development of any nation. It is needless to mention that infrastructure development & economic growth go hand in hand. However, construction projects which service the infrastructure requirements are plagued by a phenomenon of global occurrence: "Delays & Cost Overruns." This paper's primary purpose is to identify the critical causes of delays and mitigation strategies globally, identify the literature gaps, and present the scope for future research work to improve construction project delivery. Based on research work, literature is segregated among developing and developed countries to compare and analyze these economies' causes distinctly. The literature review indicated that the causes of delay vary from country to country; especially the critical causes in a developing country are quite different from in a developed country. The top ten causes of construction project delay in developing economies and developed economies are identified. The paper has presented the gaps in past studies and discussed the scope and direction for future research studies to address construction project delays' root cause.

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