Democratic Decentralization of Powers through the Development of Panchayati Raj Institution in India

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Khushboo Goswami, Prof. (Dr.) Sapna Gehlot


India, predominantly, is a land of villages and about 72 percent India's total population of India resides in the rural areas. The rural areas thus forms the roots for the governance in India and the democracy should start thereon. Mahatma Gandhi also said that the key thing for the growth and for the governance should not be the big cities but the village because it is where India resides. In India, we have a specific framework for governance at the village level. The administration of such tiny unit of India is by the Institutes, called the Panchayati Raj Institutions. The Panchayati Raj Institute draws their life from the Constitution under Part IX under the head The Panchayats.

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