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MS. PRIYANKA SAINI, Dr. C. R. Saraswat


Our emotion plays a significant role in guiding and directing our behavior. Many times, they seem to dominate us in such a way that we have no solution other than behaving as they want us to do. On the other hand , if a person has no emotions in him/her then he /her becomes grappled in terms of living his life in a normal way. In this way, emotions play a key role in providing a particular direction to our behavior and thus shaping our personality according to their development.  Meaning by sometimes our emotions in day-to-day life dominate us in such a way that we may be wanting, may be willing to behave in another manner but emotions dominate us in such a way that what we never wanted to behave. We behave in that particular manner later on when the emotions passes we may realize, we may think, we may reason out or what did, I did and I never wanted to do it, but these are our emotions may be emotion of anger, emotions of fear, emotions of joy, emotions of love and other emotions like emotion of jealousy. They dominate us and we behave in a way as they wanted to do. So emotions shape our personality and behavior. Along with physical and cognitive development, every child progress through phases of emotional development. Arguably, all children differ in their individual development. Studies have shown that parents admit to having little information on emotional development, even though they also admit that their actions have great influence on

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