Purchase Intention among Generation Z in the Fashion Industry through Social Media Marketing.

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Prachi Baranwal, Tushar Roy


Online consumer engagement has become exceptionally noteworthy for businesses to build their relationship with their customers. Fashion industry is an industry where trends are changed frequently and online media is the most advantageous and the least expensive way to communicate. The purpose of this research is to know the effect of social media marketing on purchase intention of Generation Z in the fashion industry in India. Through this paper, researchers were trying to find the relation between brand personality, and brand equity with social media marketing and purchase intention. An online survey in google form was circulated to Indian population containing questions related to four variables – social media marketing, brand personality, brand equity and purchase intention. The data was collected from 274 responses in which 203 respondents were among generation Z. The researchers imported the data into Statistical Package Social Science (SPSS) and used linear regression process to analyse that data. From the survey it was found that social media marketing has a positive and significant effect on brand personality and brand equity. Further, it was revealed that brand personality and brand equity have a positive and significant effect on purchase intention. For better understanding of the relationship between the variables, Multiple regression analysis was also conducted to test the impact of brand personality and brand equity on purchase intention. Seeing the result, we can say that the independent variables, i.e., brand equity and brand personality are significant and have positive effect on purchase intention.

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