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India from time immemorial has respected and revered.  Its women’s as goddess and figure to be revered and emulated.  The qualities attributed to women have been varied and many. As the years went by there have been many stories who fought with men shoulder to shoulder in battle and for our country’s independence and even help to rule kingdom.  Now India has changed considerably,  more and more women are entering the workforce and are fighting for their legitimate positions in society as an equal.

A working women is now accepted and respected in urban India.  Rural India always had women working in the field.  Women are to be found everywhere,  even in professions like  the police,  armed forces and as pilots,  all profession which were seen as Male domains.

There are now equal and more women then man in the legal profession. Women’s lack of access to higher education had effectively excluded them from the practice of well paid and high status occupations. Entry of women into the higher education profession like law and medicine was delayed in most countries due to women being denied entry to universities and qualifications for degree.

Women were largely limited to law- paid and poor status occupations for most of the 19th and 20th centuries,  or earned less pay than men for doing the same work.  However through the 20th century,  the labour market shifted office work that does not require heavy labour expended,  and women increasing acquired the higher education that led to better- compensated, longer term careers rather than lower skilled,  shorter term jobs.  The increasing rate of women contributing in the work force has led to a more equal disbursements of hours worked across the region of the world.

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