Role of social networking in promoting entrepreneurship: A theoretical Perspective

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Mr. Mohit Tiwari, Ms. Tripti Tiwari


Each and every individual aspires to be successful his life and they all work hard to make this dream true, each one has different and some of them decides to become an entrepreneur. Though, this is not very easy to become an entrepreneur as it sounds, lots of efforts, resource and finance like manpower and technology are all required. In order to collect and gather all the necessary requirements that are mentioned here, the entrepreneurs today are trusting social networking sites and relations to have access to details that ultimately takes them to the resources through social network. These social network is very helpful for the stability of the entrepreneurs these days, they assists them in getting access to information, finance, knowledge, markets, insights and many more. These social networking is used to promote the business and services and they providing moral support also. Since these social networks are very flexible, they can be used as per the needs and requirements of an individual entrepreneur.

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