Challenges Of Parents In The Implementation Of Teaching Process And Facilitation At Home During Movement Control Order For Students With Special Needs With Hearing Impairment In Malaysia

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Mohd Norazmi bin Nordin, Faiza Iqbal, Ruqia Safdar Bajwa,


Facing the COVID19 pandemic is a challenging phase in daily life. The government had to issue a Movement Control Order (PKP) to control the chain of transmission of the epidemic. This situation has caused various sectors in the country to face problems that were never anticipated before. The economic, tourism, trade and other sectors are undergoing drastic changes in terms of management as well as work practices. The same situation also affects the country's education sector. Schools and universities as well as educational centers had to be closed to control the COVID19 pandemic. The closure of schools across the country has disrupted the learning process of students. Pupils and teachers are not allowed to go to school to carry out the teaching and facilitation process (PDPc) as usual. Thus, there is a process of distance learning, where teachers supply teaching and training materials to students from their homes using various devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. The same situation also applies to students with special needs (MBK) throughout the country. To ensure continuous learning for them, special education teachers have to run the PDPc process from home to MBK. If normal pupils have constraints to accept and implement learning at home, greater barriers are faced by the MBK and the parents of the pupils themselves. Among the constraints faced are no suitable device, experience in dealing with this situation, skills in running PDPc remotely and also commitment. However, the most important party in the success of this process is the parents themselves. Parents need to be prepared from various things to carry out PDPc and also ensure the continuous learning of hearing MBK always takes place. Therefore, this study should be conducted to provide guidance to parents and families of hearing MBK in preparing to support this continuous learning process. A survey quantitative study was conducted among families with children categorized as hearing MBK in the state of Johor.

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