Socio - Economic Background of Women Entrepreneurs in Thoothukudi District

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D. Shakila , Dr. A.M. Tony Melwyn


Women entrepreneurship play a energetic role in the economic development of a country. Economic development of a country depends essentially on its entrepreneurs. Women are highly empowered and dynamic nowadays. So they also participate in all such activities to raise the economic status and economical prosperity of the country. Women entrepreneurs run business more efficiently than men nowadays. This shows they are highly entitled in this society. Women entrepreneurs are those who bring about business idea, strengthen an organization, amalgamate the factors of production, operate the unit, undertake risks and handle problems involved in operating a business enterprise. Economic affluence and social fortune of a nation always depends on the cooperate strength of innovation, creativity and cognitive aid and effort of both men and women. The success of the entrepreneur depends on the environmental factors such as social, economic, legal, political and technology which influence their activities thus leading to successful entrepreneurship. The present article, focuses on the demographic profile of the women entrepreneurs and their socio-economic background of women entrepreneurs in Thoothukudi district.

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