Examining the Teachers, Administrators and Parents’ View on Drawbacks of Technology Use in Education

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Dr.sc. Shqipe Avdiu Kryeziu, Dr. Teuta Agaj Avdiu , ARSIM AVDIU


As the growth of technology application in the classroom continues to grow, educators and researchers speculate as to how effective the use of technology is. Over time, several researchers have done studies, and conducted observations on technological aids and devices being used in the classroom. Some results were

measurable, and others observable, but mixed results were found. The current research explores the drawbacks of using the technology in education. The purpose of this study is: to show the negative effects of using technology in teaching, to see and understand opinions, experiences, and perceptions of teachers, administrators and parents with educational technologies, and to draw conclusions on the drawbacks of using technology. The research is carried out through mixed methods, respectively quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitative data collection includes questionnaires prepared for: teachers, administrators and parents. The teacher questionnaire contains 5 questions, the questionnaire for administrators 5 questions and the parent’s questionnaire 5 questions as well. The research includes 70 teachers throughout Kosova and 10 administrators of Kosova elementary schools and 60 parents whose children attend the elementary schools where the research was carried out. The results from this research indicate that the use of technology has a positive effect because it encourages students to acquire new knowledge in almost all subjects. However, it is believed that using technology has also its drawbacks. Technology can disconnect students from social interactions, it can distract students from learning, interpersonal interactions are few and far between, it is a resource that not all families can afford, it can create issues of privacy, it can make it easier to cheat etc.

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