Computer Engineering Curriculum Needs Assessment: As Perceived By Industries In Zamboanga City

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Marvic Agustin Lines


This study explored Zamboanga City industries' needs regarding the technical and non-technical skills that computer engineering graduates should possess. The results also served as inputs to redesign the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCpE) curriculum of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) to avoid job mismatch. A descriptive-quantitative study was conducted among Information and Communications Technology (ICT) heads of different private and public industries in Zamboanga City through a survey questionnaire. The results revealed that it is vital for computer engineering graduates to possess technical skills such as software development, system and network administration, technopreneurship, and non-technical skills. The private and public sectors also listed other skills that are very important for computer engineering graduates to have. These include demonstrating SQL knowledge, configuring, managing, and maintaining servers, pitching business ideas, and managing stress. The findings also showed that compared with the private sector, the public sector considers software development and system and network administration skills to be very important for computer engineering graduates. Moreover, the private sector's needs in terms of technical skills have a significant difference from the public sector's needs, except for technoprenuership. Overall, industries in Zamboanga City recommended system and network administration and software development skills to emphasize the BSCpE curriculum design.

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