Organizational Management in a Crisis in the Case of Covid-19 Virus Infection

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Chattawat Shatnataphat, Boonton Dockthaisong


The objective of this article is to manage the organization us. the COVID-19 epidemic period as a case study and found that the outbreak of COVID-19 is considered critical. A type of organization must be managed in order to not having urgent, appropriate and effective impacts in each area. Because the spreading of COVID-19 virus infectively is a condition in which the organization has not experienced in unexpected events. Or it may be a danger to the organization and the stakeholders this a factor offending to the outside organization. It is difficult to control and manage to result based by using. Disruptive technology for operating. Therefore, the problem of financial crisis was happened. It has affecting to the employees of the organization Became the national economic crisis pornography become a global economic problem. And good management method will make the crisis that the organization has to encounter or faced with the transformation, however the government Thailand they prepare with cope, which will prepare for the management of other organizations.

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