Trend Analysis of Information Security Technology

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Seung-Yeon Hwang, Jeong-Joon Kim


The amount of data generated by recent developments in bigdata and related technologies has been rapidly increasing, and the need to predict changes in future societies and present technologies to be realized has been continuously raised to lay the foundation for national scientific and technological planning. The existing methods of predicting future technologies have their respective advantages, but problems also exist. Thus, this paper newly establishes and applies the methodology to be used for predicting future technologies specialized in information security fields beyond the existing comprehensive prediction, and draws out innovative technologies that are expected to have high ripple effects in the future, and analyzes the technological diffusion points of each technology to predict future technological changes in the information security sector. It is expected that this will ensure reliability and objectivity of the forecast survey results and allow more sophisticated and multilayered predictions than the overall scientific and technological forecast surveys.

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