A Study On Existing Challenges In Safeguarding Networks From Intruders And Malicious Invasions With Adaptive Solutions

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P. Ramachandran , Dr. R. Balasubramanian


Internets and Networks have been growing steadily over the years but have grown exponentially in the recent decade due to a variety of reasons. For Example, the growth of social media, e-commerce, Internet based video channels, online education and many more. Though at the outset, everything looks fine, these networks face a major challenge in terms of security and cyber attacks which have also been evolving along with internet growth. Cyber attacks have grievous consequences and disastrous effects on networks. Malwares are primary weapons in such attacks on networks. They exploit existing networks vulnerabilities or utilize emerging technologies. Provisioning networks with security is a major challenge. Thus, effective malware defence mechanisms are the need for the hour. This highlights various studies that have been proposed in securing networks with possible safeguarding solutions. This paper also highlights various datasets used in network intrusion proposals.

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