A Survey on sentimental analysis in different fields

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V.Selina Annie Retna, Prof. P. Brundha


Each and every one nowadays was most commonly keen towards their feedback on their respective fields as they want to know how was their respective sector of their journey towards success was going and also was eager to improve them according to the negative comments. As now everything was through online platform to know them and to equip, sentimental analysis was most helpful for giving out the positive, negative and the neutral comments. Taking out the business field their reviews plays a major role in their production and profit analysis. The various fields in which the sentimental analysis plays a major role in their reorganization are social media monitoring, customer support, customer feedback, brand monitoring, product analysis, market research and voice of employee they are most commonly done for their respective field in order for the development and enhancement of their product or their reputation. Sentimental analysis is most commonly a review by the people who experienced the product or the brand and their emotional feedback which will be given which improve or sustain their standard.

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