Ocb, Job Engagement, And Organizational Commitment: A Study Of Z Generation

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Insany Fitri Nurqamar , Asty Almaida, Muhammad Nurhadi N., Daniella C. Sampepajung


 Human resources are important assets for organizations. Therefore, various things that can influence attitudes and behavior must be well understood so that their contribution to the organization can be optimal. The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the level of employee commitment shown by extra-role behavior (OCB) and the level of employee involvement in the organization. The data are collected using a purposive sampling technique, which was obtained from 200 workers of Z Generation category. This study used hypothesis testing and path analysis to analyze data. The results of the study have demonstrated that Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) affect positively and significantly toward Job Engagement, while OCB and Job Engagement partially have positive influence but not significant toward Organizational Commitment. On the other hand, OCB through Organizational commitment has a positive but not significant effect on Job Engagement.

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