(Directing Treatment of The Place in Child Theater Shows) Research Summary

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Arkan Mohammed Kadhim Al - Attabi , Abbas Qasim Kadhim


      This research includes four chapters. The first chapter of it, which is the methodological framework for the research, included the research problem that focused on the following question: Will the director who works in the field of child theater through his directing treatment be able to aesthetically establish the theatrical setting outside the scope of the box theater and create a new viewing environment instead of the virtual environment? While the importance of the research came from the fact that it sheds light on the director's work in different spaces or places, as well as the benefit of those interested and students of child theater in general, as well as the goal of the research, which is to identify the directive treatments of the place in child theater performances in accordance with the aesthetic standards that preserve the structure of the presentation In general, the temporal and spatial search limits have been set in the city of Baghdad - the performances of the Mobile Children's Theater Company for the period from 2014 to 2018.

As for the second chapter (The theoretical framework of the research), it contained two topics. The first topic included: Directing in child theater performances, while the second topic included: scenographic treatments in open spaces. The chapter was concluded with the indicators that resulted from the theoretical framework and previous studies. The third chapter of the research, which is (Research Procedures), included the research community, which contained a theatrical presentation, the research sample, its tool and its method, and the analysis of the sample that included the play (Said and the Stubborn Governor) that was chosen in a simple random way. The research was concluded with the fourth chapter that contained the results that reached To it the researcher, and then the margins, and conclude with the installation of references and sources.

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