Different Women Embodiments in Elif Shafak's Black Milk: A Post-Modernist View

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Bushra Osman Sidi Abdullah


     Elif Shafak (1971- ), a Turkish writer, is one of the great writers in the whole world not only in Turkey. It is not only Black Milk that can be described as a masterpiece, moreover; most of her novels are international best-selling like: The Bastard of Istanbul, Forty Rules of Love, etc. this novel is a reflection of the many characters a post-modernist women has to act out in order to meet the needs of the century.

     The research is divided onto two parts: part one deals with some backgrounds on women in both the Modern and the postmodern age as they both complete one another. On the other hand, the same part details the different roles a postmodernist woman has to act out to be able to live in the era she was born in. the second part gives some synopsis on the novel. It also gives the readers an explanation on the different six roles of women in the novel.

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