Impact of Flipped Classroom in teaching Computer Graphics

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Dr. M. Anita Indu


Due to increase in pressure to undergo transformation, the higher education is now stepping towards flipped classroom technology.  Research shows that emergence of flipped classroom has linked the pedagogy and educational outcomes, thereby identifying the gaps in the literature which could modify the future design and evaluation.

The current study introduced the flipped classroom concept in the Computer Graphics course in Arts and Science Colleges. In this course, visualization is essential for better understanding the concept of 2D and 3D objects with their projection. Thus flipped classroom was introduced and the performance of students was observed. Pre test and Post test was done in the control and treatment group. The result showed a significant increase in the performance in the treatment group. The perception of the students who used the flipped classroom was recorded through the questionnaire. The results demonstrated that usage of flipped classroom in Computer Graphics course enhanced the student learning in an interesting way.

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