Society Participation Through Conscious Conscious Tourism In Pkk City Of Tegal City

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Tity Kusrina, Arif Zainudin


This study aims to: 1) Describe the PKK Activity program aware of tourism objects as community participation efforts, 2) Knowing the inhibiting and supporting factors in the process of tourism in PKK activities. Descriptive research with a qualitative approach. The data source of this research subject includes the administrators and members of the Tegal City Tourism PKK Activities, visitors and the community. The research setting is Tegal City. Data collection is carried out using observation, interview, and documentation techniques. Researchers are the main instrument in conducting research that is assisted by observation guidelines, interview guidelines, and documentation. The techniques used in data analysis are data display, data reduction, and conclusions. Triangulation is carried out to explain the validity of the data by using the source. The results show that: 1) Programs carried out by the Tegal City Tourism PKK Activities as a tourism participatory effort, including training in organizational management, occupational health and safety training, English language training, Indonesian language, leadership training, ornamental introduction training for shellfish, and spatial training good, 2) Constraints faced in the activities of the Tegal City Tourism PKK, social jealousy among the community, lack of public awareness of changes in the environment, and lack of attention from relevant agencies. As for the supporting factors that include the enthusiasm and motivation of all administrators and members, the existing family attitudes, the attitude of mutual cooperation that is still thick, and the creative board and able to protect his subordinates.

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