Empowering Women: To Study the Effect of Work-life Conflicts on Job Satisfaction of Women in the IT sector By:

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Dr.Arun Kant Painoli & Dr Ankur Kukreti, Ms Vineet Prabha & Ms Ranjana Jadoun, Dr Rajeev Kumar 'Ranjan'


A large number of studies have been conducted on the work-family conflict with different methodologies, different periods and different sectors. Most studies found on work-family conflict correlated with many terms like job satisfaction, job performance, family satisfaction, work stress, etc. but none of the study has focused on family-work conflict, its impact, factors, causes, consequences and coping strategies in the IT sector. So, there is also a gap on this front. The proposed study will focus on the association between work-family conflicts and family-work conflict and factors affecting them and their impact on women performance.

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