The Effect Of The Pintas Module (Student Academic Intervention Program) On Achievement Motivation Among Low Achieving Students

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Ahmad Razif Abd. Rahman, Syed Mohamad Syed Abdullah, Nurul Fazzuan Khalid


This study aims to identify the effect of the PiNTAS Module (Academic Intervention for University Students Program) on achievement motivation among low-achieving students. The study was conducted using the Achievement Motivation Instrument (IMP) questionnaire involving the participation of 14 students identified as low achievement (GPA below 2.5) from three public universities in Malaysia. They were given treatment using the PiNTAS Module which uses a guidance and counselling approach. The findings of this study were collected through quantitative and qualitative data as well as pre-test and post-test conducted. Data were obtained through t-test analysis, interview transcription and document analysis. The results of this study shows that significant differences really exist between the values of Pre-IMP and Post-IMP, thus proving that the PiNTAS Module does have a significant positive effect on the achievement motivation among low-achieving students at the university. The activities and exercises contained in the PiNTAS module are used as a tool that can provide guidance in terms of increasing motivation towards the overall academic achievement of students. As a conclusion, the PiNTAS module has brought a significant impact in terms of increasing low-achieving students achievement motivation level which can actually be helped by using appropriate counselling and guidance approaches implemented in this study.

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