Yoga Nidra's efficacy on enhancing Wisdom

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Kulpreet Kaur, Rita Kumar, Abha Singh, Navin Kumar


The research study examined forty individuals with yoga nidra's practice to enhance wisdom by offering techniques and methods for inner management to discover oneself, be inspired, and learn how to let go. It is easy to administer, relatively safe, and an inexpensive mental health intervention, with no side effects. Yoga Nidra has been attempted as a restorative choice for many diseases such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, diabetes, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The relative ease of practice has made it an acceptable healing option; the step-by-step process is intended to loosen up the body and awaken the subconscious and conscious mind leading to inner healing of both physical and emotional tensions. There is a developing agreement about the principal core features of wisdom. Results indicated that yoga nidra practice significantly (p<.01) enhanced wisdom and its five formative dimensions: humour, emotional regulation, reminiscence/reflectiveness, openness to experience, and critical life experiences. Wise individuals are not sage misers, accumulating their well-deserved mysteries of effective life and satisfaction; rather, they look to engage others and offer these valuable bits of knowledge inside their more extensive network. At the end of the day, wise people are worried about both self as well as other people. They keep on looking for new manners by which new objectives are identified and sought after. The center premise was to upgrade a meaningful life where the body, mind, heart, and soul can be felt as one function united with added value to accomplishment and prosperity.

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