Revival of Jirga through DRC with Special Emphasis on Sustainable Resolution of Conflict: With Reference To District Swabi-Kp Pakistan

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Mushtaq Ahmad, Muhammad Jawad, Abdul Majid, Seema Zubair, Saima Sarir, Usman Quddus


The present study was conducted to find out that whether the DRC had played any role in a revival of Jirga or not in District Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. A sample size of 302 of tehsil Swabi in the district Swabi was selected through the help of random table of simple random sampling method from total population 699 from selected tehsil “Tehsil Swabi” in District Swabi as universe of the study. A conceptual framework comprises of Dependent Variable “Revival of Jirga” and Independent variable “Conflict resolution on Sustainable basis”. The data were analyzed through frequency and percentage distribution. . Moreover, dependent variable was indexed and cross tabulated with independent variable. Chi-square test statistics was applied to find out the relationship between dependent and independent variable correspondingly. The results reported a sustainable resolution of the conflict. Through DRC (P=0.004) compare to the Jirga, as the Jirga has no power to implement its decision (P=0.003) where the DRC has a legal protection (P=0.000), where you cannot avoid the DRC decision (P=0.000) and punishment (P=0.002). This was possible one to the involvement of both the parties (P=0.001) under legal protection (P=0.000). The study recommends making DRC more functional. Through covering more areas under a more improved blend of formal and informal conflict resolution mechanism i.e., that will help in the revival

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