Kaleidoscopic Features of Home Tutorial in Modular Distance Learning: A Confession of Functional Illiterate Parents

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Kayla L. Oppus – Mercader, Mark N. Abadiano, PhD


With the COVID – 19 school closures, the Department of Education (DepEd) has adopted the modular distance learning modality which paves the way in converting homes to classrooms and necessitating parents to perform as surrogate teachers. In this situation, functional illiterate parents are compelled to tutor their primary graders at home in completing their self-learning modules. Hence, the study stems its enthusiasm from the fact that functional illiterate parents who have literacy problems are now acting as the emergency teachers who cater the needs of learners in meeting their academic requirements. It is in this outlook that the paper aimed to explore the home tutorial experiences of functional illiterate parents confront during this pandemic time. This study utilized a grounded theory design using an in-depth, semi-structured interviews to functional illiterate parents determined through purposive sampling, in order to unveil tutorial experiences, strategies and reflections towards modular distance learning. Employing a thematic analysis method, this paper reveals that functional illiterate parents experienced: (a) strengths; (b) weakness; (c) opportunities; and (d) threats. Moreover, the findings accentuate the need for program design and implementation on enhancing the academic learning of children living with functional illiterate parents.

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