Teaching Academic Writing to Engineers on-line at a Maritime University in Turkey: COVID 19 realities

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Prof. Dr. Iryna Semeniuk Zumrutdal, et. al.


English has become more important to learn than ever before with the breakdown of the COVID 19 pandemic in the world. And English teaching on-line is one of the necessary growing areas in outstanding engineers’ training education especially under current COVID 19 realities. The purpose of this paper is to discuss some issues associated with the new trends of teaching English when it comes to professional engineers’ education in a maritime university. The paper also reveals the problem of teaching academic writing on-line for professional purposes to future maritime engineers in Turkey. A theoretical analysis of the problem is given. The article also presents a preliminary investigation on the challenges in English academic writing in on-line context faced by engineering students at the Faculty of Engineering, Piri Reis University, Turkey.

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