National Village and Urban Community Fund Management Innovation

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Isara Tawornpichayachai, Rattaphong Sonsupha,


The objective of this research was to study the national village and urban community fund management innovation to find a model for sustainable success factors. This was qualitative research conducted by in-depth interviews from key informants comprising 16 members of the committee of the Pak Nam Shopping Center Community Village Fund in Samut Prakan Province and Ban Khu Khot Ongkharak Community Village Fund in Nakhon Nayok Province, and two accountants, as well as by participatory observation. The data were classified according to the found issues, and analyzed by the relationship between the issues then interpreted for the conclusion. The study found that there were seven aspects of innovation leading to the successful management of the village and urban funds, including the management system, regulations, coordination, members’ screening, debt settlement, negotiation, and members’ incentives. There were two aspects for an innovative leader leading to successful and sustainable management, including leadership, which a good leader must be accepted by the community with rhetorical arts and planning skills, and political culture, which is a participatory common people’s culture, where members are responsible for their debt repayments with unity, as well as enforcement by leaders from time to time. The factors making sustainable success of the management of the village and urban funds included flexible fund management, low interest rates, and convenient access to funding sources.

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