Significance Of Adult Literacy Programmes For The Nyishi Women Of Kra Daadi District Of Arunachal Pradesh

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John Pudussery, et. al.


Arunachal Pradesh, a very little-known state by the rest of the country, lies in the northeast part of India. Land of the abundance of freshwater, pure air, mist, and virgin forests, Arunachal Pradesh will capture the attention of anyone. The land is home to several tribes, sub-tribes, and clans with their typical dialects, traditions, culinary, dress code, and mystery. The Nyishi tribe in the western part of the state is numerically the largest tribe. Due to their remoteness and lack of proper roads progress was slow in this region. However, in the recent past quick developments are noticed in the area. Yet much is to be desired. This article focuses on a study conducted among 400 Nyishi tribal married women from the Kra Daadi district of Arunachal Pradesh. The researcher studied several issues related to the school-dropouts among them like - the reason why these women never went to school or when they dropped out of school, reasons for dropping out of school, and if they would like to study again if given an opportunity. The findings are aimed at further studies on the matter and direct the attention of the department of education in the state to take up remedial measures especially in the field of Adult Literacy Program, especially among women.

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