Nationalism in Indian Politics during PM Modi Regime (2014-19)

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Umer Javaid Ghumman , et. al.


This study is being taken to understand the current role of nationalism turned hyper nationalism in Indian politics. The research work will highlight different impacts of this ideology on Indian domestic society as well as its implication on relations with Pakistan. This research will focus on the reasons and incidents that led to the development and influence of nationalism in Indian politics and how it slowly turned the secular India to a hard-right-wing state. Furthermore, this study is important to understand the implications of this Indian nationalism on Pakistan especially in last five years as it is neighboring countries of India. The anti-Pakistan sentiments under PM Modi government have remained the pivot of Indian politics. Hence this study will focus on the main events that occurred under the supervision and sponsorship of PM Modi administration that damaged the Indian face & image as the biggest democracy in the world and portrayed true colors of Indian society as phonetic and extremist. Hence, this study will focus on all of these aspects making it a comprehensive research work on Indian nationalism. The study will be conducted through qualitative approach keeping in mind the view point of both Pakistan and India while analyzing and keeping in mind the research questions and objective of this study. The study will discuss the aspects of rapid rise in Indian politics, the current scenario in Indian politics post 2019 elections and potential threats and implications for Pakistan. This whole approach has destabilized the bilateral ties between India & Pakistan and has also affected the regional peace and stability in South Asia.


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