Mediating Role of Social Support on the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Mental Health among the University Students

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Saadia Zia, et. al.


This study was intended to analyze the social support among university students in Multan District as a mediator between emotional intelligence and mental health. The aim of this study was to find the relationship between emotional intelligence, social support and mental health among the university students in the Multan District. The researchers was adopted correlational research design to conduct this study and total 315 both male and female students were selected by using the simple random sampling technique. Further, three study instruments were used in this study; emotional intelligence scale developed by Schutte (1998), multi-dimensional perceived social support scale developed by Zimet and Gordon (1998), and mental health scale developed by Veit and Ware (1983). By using the SPSS for the analysis of collected data, the study results showed that emotional intelligence, social support and mental health are significantly correlated in a positive way. In addition, this study revealed that the emotional intelligence has significant effect on student’s mental health and social support has also a significant effect on the student’s mental health. Moreover, social support has a higher effect on women than men and the mental health of male pupils in comparison to female pupils is higher.


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