Factors Affecting Choice of students in selecting an educational institute and University: A study focusing on private education sector in North India.

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Dr Manmohan Rahul, et. al.


The decision to choose a university for higher education by any prospective student has become increasingly complex in India. The main driver of this change is increased privatization of education sector with international level infrastructure and good placements. With changing marketing dynamics, private universities responded by doing branding and improving operations. The role of marketing and advertising gained importance and today, advertisements of universities in India highlight their attractive features and USP’s like placements, courses, infrastructure, foreign trips, scholarships and other schemes to help students take a decision. This study attempts to explore the factors of decision making for admission in universities in Delhi NCR. The data is collected post admission and 30 variables were generated based on the available literature. PCA was used to obtain factors and references, Placements, good courses, good counselling and nearness to their homes was considered important for the choices by the students.

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