Morality and Ethics Development Model under National Standards for Higher Education

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Wanchai Panjan , et. al.


Qualifications Framework. (2) create a model and built within the framework of national qualifications. There are samples of research: students in the field of higher education, the highly qualified specialists for assessing the suitability and feasibility of introducing a form of moral ethics based National Qualifications Framework for higher education into practice. Statistics used in data analysis include frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Findings are as follows:

               (1) The study of ethical and moral development for students in the framework of the National Higher Education Curriculum. 1) Self-discipline 2) responsibility 3) honesty 4) abnegation 5) being a good role model         6) understanding others 7) understanding the world was found that the students had moral enhancement at the high level.

              (2) The results of the model building ethics and moral standards in the national higher education. Overall, the most appropriate level it was suitable at a high level. And the purpose of the model, other issues were found at the highest level.

              (3) The results of the evaluation were found that the model of ethical morality enhancement according to the standard framework of the higher education National level is most appropriate in all aspects. For the possibility of adopting the model of morality enhancement according to the national standard of higher education, is found that there are two possible implementation possibilities: the good role model. Moreover, the sacrifice element, other components at the high level, respectively.   

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