An Analysis of Experiences and Problems of Parents with Thalassemia Children

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Mussarat Hussain, et. al.


This study is mainly concerned with attaining a better understanding of the predicaments and hurdles that parents of Thalassemia patients experience. This study was conducted within the region of Lahore and contains data about the parents of Thalassemia patient’s experiences. This study mainly collected data from 150 respondents. The respondents were parents of those Thalassemia patients who attended Sundas Foundation for regular blood transfusions. An interview schedule was employed for collecting data from the respondents concerned. The findings of the research indicated that lower the age of the patients, the greater will be the depression among thalassemia patient’s parents. The results further indicated the severe affect thalassemia has on children in the 1 to 5 years age bracket. The level of depression was greater in those parents that had a male child suffering from Thalassemia. Also, those parents with lower incomes experienced greater depression than the ones having mid to high levelled incomes. The children with Thalassemia were indeed a cause for parental depression. This study emphasizes a profound need for better-educating parents about thalassemia and how it impacts the lives of their children as well as their own. This study suggests that preventive measures like Chronic Villas Sampling Test and HB Electrophoresis during pregnancy could be adopted.   

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