Workplace Challenges and Expectation of Transgenders in Pakistani Society

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Abid Mehmood Ansari, et. al.


This paper presents an insight view of a unique segment of the society, which remained a victim of marginalization in Pakistani society. This unique segment is known as Transgender. It was strived in this research to describe the themes that are associated with the workplace challenges of transgender. A qualitative research design was used and data was collected through case studies. Main themes were drawn from the collected information of the respondents. The results of this study indicated that majority of the participants (transgenders) faced ridiculous behaviour and harassment (physical and sexual) at their workplace. In addition, others described social isolation and lack of confidence as challenges at workplace. As per the expectations of transgender from the society, an overwhelming majority expected stop laughing at them, demand for self-respect, social inclusion and acceptance. Almost one third of respondents were desirous to become a teacher, doctors and banker. In response of that behaviour at workplace, a fraction of transgender reported that they had no concern with whatever their colleagues and/or employer speak about them because if they think about all these, they cannot work anywhere in the society.   


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