Kopi Caviar Development for Community Participation

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Ninusra Mintrasak, et. al.


Kopi Caviar are considered to be a popular beverage ingredient among young people today. In which the development of the Kopi Caviar has brought the wisdom of Kopi Betong, a drink that is the identity of people in the area. In the past, Betong District was one of the most important Kopi production sites in the Southern of Thailand. As it is delicious and has been produced for a long time. In the research of Kopi Caviar Development for Community Participation, the objective is to develop Kopi Caviar to the commercial market and to develop the participation process of youth towards conservation of Kopi Betong local wisdom. This study was conducted by a group of 30 Ka-Pae-Kor-tor housewives and youth groups in the southern border provinces by using in-depth interview, group conversation and the transfer of operational knowledge techniques. The researchers analyze and synthesizes information by using the analytical techniques and content synthesis.

The results found that the development of Kopi Caviar to the youth market, they do not have knowledge of business management, especially corporate

management, accounting and marketing. Including the determination of the selling

price that they do not calculate the probably cost of profit. Therefore, the developing business administration knowledge to the youth groups is important. In addition, the use of principles is participation in all processes of activities, will make the business development stronger and sustainable. In the development of youth participation process towards conservation of Kopi Betong local wisdom, Researchers found that the youth are interested in the Kopi Caviar productive process because it is new and modern as well as being popular youth groups nowadays. Moreover, the members of the group brought their knowledge from the cooperation of the Kopi manufacturer to integrate them with learning and organizational development in various fields, including the application of local wisdom to promote income during the study. Therefore, the emphasis should be placed on training young people to practice and learn from real places.

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