Digital Storytelling: A Powerful Instructional Media Tool And Elements From An Expert’s Perspective

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Kogila d/o Muthu Samy, Abu Bakar Ibrahim, Che Zalina Zulkifli


Digital Storytelling (DST) has turned into an effective educational tool for both teachers and students. This paper provides a review of DST and also portrays exactly where it originated from, the way it really well could be used to help guide and also how understudies that learn how to whip their very own advanced stories improve a lot of training abilities. What is more, information is displayed about the equipment which may be used to assist the instructive utilization of DST. This paper, in addition, contains a discussion of the effectiveness of DST as an Instructional Media tools used in the education system. The purpose of this paper is to present the main elements of DST used by experts in DST concepts. This study also explained the overview of DST together with the learning environment, particulars certain DST modals and identified the important elements of DST from diverse experts in order to centralize them to develop the framework with support new ICT technology. Furthermore, the paper covers the benefits of DST inside the classroom and how it supports the student learning environment

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