Repetition And Difference In Nature: An Interpretation Of Plants’ Pattern Mechanism Structure Through Installation Art

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Anna Chin Chui Han, Mohd Fauzi Sedon


This research project reinvestigated the aesthetics of plants patterning formation through the exploration of design element and principles based on the concept of repetition and difference (similarity and variation). This natural mechanism of plants’ organic patterning system, provides constructive balancing movement and harmonious interrelationship, revolving similarity and variation, unifying the order and chaos in plants’ mechanism. The key artists within the research context were Jackson Pollock, Yayoi Kusama and Giulia Ricci who dedicated their passion in portraying the beauty of repetition and difference/chaos in their visual artworks. The project established correlations between repetition (similarity) and difference (chaos) as they contribute to the unity within variety. It also contributed to the field of painting and installation art by creating visual impact through the manipulative organic images and complexity in the designed compositions, significantly once again stimulate viewer’s admiration and amazement to plants’ mechanism structure in nature.                     

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