Leadership, Organization Culture And Talent Management Leading To Talent Sustainability

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Hema Harsha


Anticipating talent needed for tomorrow and strategically building the system to meet the needs of both today and future is the biggest challenge for every organization. The Human resource managers are facing several work force related problems, which includes reduced level of employee commitment; increased war for skilled and talented workforce; managing diverse workforce; and high cost due to turnover. Talent Sustainability is the ‘Capability of an organization to continuously attract, hire, nurture, engage and retain individuals with right competences and exclusive commitment to successfully achieve present and future organizational goals’ and that is the advantage they possess over the competitors..

Biggest human capital challenge today is about having the right talent and sustaining it. Talented people are a source of rich intellectual capital and the performance of an organization is largely dependent on it. Scientific research organizations that form the backbone for a nation’s progress need to be in the fore in such developmental functioning. Scientific institutions that thrives on continuous learning and innovations, needs a robust system in place in terms of nurturing and sustaining the right talent. The purpose of this research study is to understand and explore how exactly do scientific institutions hire, engage, develop, nurture, retain and promote talented people. And also to analyze what internal factors contribute to create a suitable talent pipeline for sustenance?

This research study aimed at, inter alia, examining talent management practices in scientific research institutions and to determine the internal factors influencing Talent sustainability. Nested within the exploratory research framework, primary data was collected both with the help of schedules and an instrument. Collected data was analyzed using statistical tools and the goal was achieved based on inductive and deductive logic. A theoretical framework was developed for Talent sustainability and the influence of the determinants in ensuring talent sustenance was derived. The Talent sustainability framework considers all the internal components of talent ecosystem. The framework assumes Leadership in the organization, Organization culture and strategy, Learning and networking as critical factors along with talent management practices as the driving forces behind ensuring sustenance of talent A key contribution of the study is the development of TSF which can be further modified considering both internal and external factors.

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